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Danielle Robin,

Danielle Robin Coaching

Since working with Kelley for just over two months, I have an email list with over 1000 great leads on it! I also sold out my online group coaching program, making back over 3x what I invested in the work with Kelley. I saw incredible leads come through from our work together and I was able to reach people I never would have had I not worked with Kelley. It has been beyond worth it to invest in this work- it has truly jumpstarted my business into a new category!


Kelley is an exceptional marketing partner. As a small business owner, it is a breath of fresh air when someone can come in, take the reigns, and run with it. Not only did Kelley manage the entire process, but she was open to my input and feedback. She's a true professional who has a deep knowledge of Facebook ads AND how to get things done. What a gem.

Emily McGuire,
Flourish & Grit


Melissa Barker,

Women Entreprenuers, Inc

Working with Kelley was a key part of our strategy this year. She’s not just good at running ads, she knows how to think strategically about what would work for our business and suggest new ideas we hadn’t considered before. She’s an absolute expert at what she does and knows every in and out and pro tip out there. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to grow their business with paid ads.

Case Study


Using a tailored FB & IG ad strategy, we helped this client gain over 650 new email subscribers, and totally sell out her group coaching program - all with only $1,500 in ad spend. She achieved an ROI of 10.77x!

Case Study


With extensive audience testing, and a large focus on retargeting warm audiences and previous buyers, we helped this client turn $20,000 in ad spend into over $77,000 in revenue in just one month!

Case Study

Book Sales

Detailed and extensive audience research and testing allowed us to identify the ideal buyers for our author's books, and significantly increase sales for the first book of her series, thus greatly increasing her series revenue!


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