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Marketing Your Books

Is Our Specialty

At Sweet Honey Marketing, we are addicted to reading. When we're not working, we're reading.  Sometimes, we sacrifice sleep for just one more page. So when we realized that we could not only serve authors, but we had cracked the code to marketing book series, there were some serious happy dances happening. Read on to learn how we can help you get your books into the hands of more readers.

Publishing your book isn’t enough to get it to the

right readers, or to make you money.

When you published your first ebook through KDP, you were filled with joy and excitement at the prospect of putting your stories into the hands of readers everywhere. But along the way, you realized just publishing wasn’t enough. 

Sure, you can pay Amazon™ to advertise your books, and they’ll try to show it to whomever they think the right audience is. You’ll probably even get some sales - for a while. But eventually, they’ll just be showing your book to the same person who didn’t buy it the first time … over and over and over.

Isn’t that the definition of insanity???


Or, you can try to figure out how to market it yourself. But you aren’t meant to be drowning in advertising strategies, while you slowly lose that spark that makes you so special! You’re meant to be doing what lights you up inside - writing!

Life is short (I mean, come on - how fast have you killed off a character???). It’s too short for you to do anything other than what you love.


And to help you get back to doing what you love, we offer a free one-hour consultation to talk about what you're currently doing to market your books, and what you've tried in the past. I'll share with you why those efforts aren't working, and develop a plan that you can implement going forward to sell more books quickly and consistently. 

So if you're ready to start selling your books without handing your profits right back to Amazon™, then book your free one-hour consultation call with me now!

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