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Sweet Honey Marketing


I'm Kelley, and I work with authors and kickass female entrepreneurs to leverage the incredible power of Facebook and Instagram ads to increase your revenue by getting your business in front of the right customers!
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I get it. I really do.

Trying to figure out how to run Facebook & Instagram ads can be confusing! Then once you figure out how to run them, you have to figure out how to make them actually work. You can literally spend days reading all the information available, and end up even more confused than when you started. It's frustrating and time-consuming. I totally get it. And that's where I come in.

You should be spending your time in your zone of genius - doing what you love and are best at! So take the stress out of figuring out your Facebook Ads Manager Funnel, installing your Facebook tracking Pixel, the optimal CPAs, CPCs, and ROAs, and all the other WTFs that come with social media marketing,  and give them to me. Because that's MY zone of genius. 

Working with Sweet Honey Marketing means partnering with someone you can trust, who actually cares about your goals. Your success is my top priority. 

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Why Facebook and Instagram Ads?

Find the Right People
The targeting capabilities of Facebook Ads Manager are unsurpassed. We'll target your ideal customer based on things like age, gender, location, behaviors & interests, similarity to your current customers, or a layered combination of these!
Stay Top of Mind
Arguably the biggest asset to using Facebook and Instagram ads is the ability to retarget potential customers. This means being able to show ads to those who have interacted with your brand in some way, to keep you top of mind, and nurture your audiences!
Data-Driven Strategy
Wondering whom your offer is resonating with most? We can tell you that. Wondering where your highest value customers live? We can tell you that, too. Using detailed analytical reports, we can break down your ad results into meaningful nuggets of information.

Are you ready?

The truth is, FB and IG ads aren't a "set it and forget it" type of marketing strategy. You need to know what you're doing, and you need to do it well. So, let me help you the way I've helped other clients get amazing results like 10x Return on Investment, or turn a $20,000 investment into over $75,000 in revenue in one month alone! 

Schedule an introductory call with me, and let's talk about how I can help your business grow and thrive.

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